strumenti per l'espresso

Orchestrale coffee machines are traditional professional espresso

coffee and cappuccino machines with thermosiphonic

supply system. This collection of espresso coffee machines was

conceived as a poem inspired by the historical and indivisible

bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the

Italian tradition and all around the world.

Orchestrale wants to pay homage to the music because music

is a place of connection among people as coffee is becoming all

over the World and it wants to be a special dedication to the user

of our coffee machines, who is seen as a great conductor of

orchestra who knows how to get the best from the symphonies,

or rather the blends he has chosen.

100%  made  in Italy


In the music and singing art, one of the most important qualities is the control on every note. This is given by the skill, study and technique. Nota is the most compact professional coffee machine of the collection. It's ideally suited for small bars, cafes and restaurants. 

It is dedicated to the espresso coffee connaisseur!


Phonica is a professional espresso machine,  dedicated to Ray Charles' life, with its design, that recalls the shape of the microphones of an unforgettable epoch, Phonica wants to be a tribute to those big and unrepeatable voices of the XXth century, that will always remain in the history of music.


It's design is inspired by the radio orchestra (orchestra radiofonica) born almost a century ago, that allowed many people to listen to real orchestras that previously could not attend. With the same spirit Radiofonica is born as a traditional machine that wants to give an easier and simple opportunity to many more people all around the World to enjoy a good and traditional coffee extraction


Etnica display is the professional espresso machine at the top of it's range and an evolution of the model Etnica.

Automatic, with covered groups and display, it represents the indivisible bond between modern and ancient, where the future touches history and the most modern technology matches with sounds of  past times. Also available without display as "Etnica"

Scuro Coffee chooses the best collaborations with industry leaders to offer

its customers the best accessories for a total respect of real espresso and coffee:

- professional espresso coffee grinders: Eureka, Mahlkönig, Mazzer, Quamar

- Professional espresso coffee Barista Kit,

  Filter Holder for brewing test and Knock Box


- D'Ancap Cups:Espresso 80cc / Double espresso 130cc / Cappuccino 160-200cc


- Foot Pedal, Stainless Steel Drawers and Softner

- all kind of coffee cups, espresso makers, etc.  by LaCafeti√®re

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